Thanks JOGJA for nice moment..

The first I want to tell you is my english is not too bad and not perfect but i hope you can understand what I write in this blog.
Many day I pass in Jogja the peace city in this country with the similiar people from kind of Indonesia. Jogja have many expert engiiner in IT, for ex my campus 'ungu' is Amikom Jogjakarta is the best campus in indonesia in UNESCO version 2009. I'am happy to hear that, many friends I have from this campus, spesialy i have 'queen in my heart' from there.
In Jogja I work in InformaticLAB. with Mr.Fahmi. He is good employee, good father n good friend. He always understand what i want from him. N the other people in UII is the good..good..n good friend for me.
In the Boarding house is very nice moment with my friends n i hope in another time i can meet all of them. Insy4lh..amin..


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